Friday, March 17, 2006

You mock her now...

Some actresses, like Charlize Theron, go ugly for Oscar nods. The rest of Hollywood goes tranny...

Hilary Swank, previously known for her work on Beverly Hills 90210 and The Next Karate Kid, wins an Oscar going tranny for Boys Don't Cry.

Felicty Huffman, better known as Lynette on Desperate Housewives, is nominated for an Oscar going tranny on TransAmerica.

You know Amanda Bynes as the plucky younger sister on What I Like About You. Actually, you probably don't. But you'll certainly know her because she's going to be all over the map after her courageous turn as a tranny in She's The Man.

  • I mentioned in yesterday's post that my bracket's going to be hosed. Well, we're only halfway done with 1st round games and I've already lost one Elite 8 and two Sweet 16 picks. To add insult to injury, my Team McDreamy currently sits tied for 8th out of 16 in a group full of Duke and Wake Forest grads. Oh, the embarrassment.

  • Viva Mexico! I'll be wearing Mexican green today, as thanks to our neighbors south, Japan has advanced to the semifinal round of World Baseball Classic. I usually don't care about baseball, I find myself giving a fuck about WBC. A lot.

    This, of course sets up Korea vs Japan III, and Korea has already taken the first 2 games in this competition. I really really really want Japan to at least avoid the sweep here, but as Stan pointed out to me, the Koreans have extra motivation - you see, not only are the Koreans playing for their nation's honor, they're also trying to get out of serving their country. Ah, patriotism.

  • Speaking of Stan, he will be heading off Guest Blogger Weeks, which begins next Monday. Assuming we haven't killed each other after Saturday's semifinal game.

    In addition, you'll be hearing from TIWWDN, A High Class Jackass, The Daily Dump and yep, a virgin blogger.

  • Fans of Stars, especially those who don't like Torquil Cambell, will be happy to know that Amy Millan's solo album is coming out on May 30. Also, some wonderful poppiness from Graham Coxton.
    Amy Millan - Skinny Boy
    Graham Coston - Tell It Like It Is

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all. Try to stay upright and not puke so much. This is the last time I'm posting regularly until early April. Take care, and be nice to the guest bloggers.


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