Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I don't talk about music enough

I really don't. Let's run through the shit I should've been talking about for the past couple of weeks.

  • Jay Dee

    When I think hip hop producers, it's the usual suspects - 9th, Kanye, Blaze etc - and I've always overlooked Jay Dee. I mean, I spent a good 6 months not knowing that he, not Kanye, produced my favorite track off Common's album last year. He never mugged for the camera like Pharrell or Kanye - not that there's anything wrong with self-promotion but you I can appreciate a producer who stays behind the boards and does his job.

    Still, it was only after his passing that I realized how much of his work I enjoyed - looking at the tracks Joey posted at Straight Bangin', I see tracks I love, like "1nce Again" and "Runnin'".

    In any case, if you're not doing any V-Day activity tonight, there's a Jay Dee tribute down at the M Bar. (via FreeNYC)

  • Wu-Tang

    ...is for the children. The best way to describe Wu is that the sum of the parts has always been greater than the whole. There are classics among the solo albums, especially that first round with Liquid Swords, Only 4 the Cuban Linx and Ironman. But for all their individual talents (even you, Inspektah Deck), they haven't been able to put together a solid album as a group since 36 Chambers. And their concerts are, well, rough around the edges to say the least. Still, it's great to see that they're performing together and doing it for Dirt.

  • Upcoming

    I'm digging that "Gold Lion" track off Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album. Little less noisy than, say, "Y Control", but works for me. Check The Rich Girls are Weeping for the mp3 and Central Village has the Diplo remix of said song.

    Oh, and My Old Kentucky Blog has "Dudley".

    Looking at the list of 2006 hip hop releases, a few titles stand out. Jeru? Has there been a more promising MC to drop off the face of the earth this side of Craig Mack? Nasdaq Dow Jones? DIdn't we agree to stop making puns after the disastrous Nastradamus? Outkast's Idlewild intrigues me. Redman? Not so much. I'm hoping Game Theory makes me forget The Tipping Point (the album and the bestseller). Hopefully, the Roots will stop naming their albums after mediocre books. Unless they're going to name their 2008 album Who Moved My Cheese?.

    Not listed in the above link is Murray's Revenge by Murs - 3:16 was one of the more underappreciated albums of 2004 and Murs has a great chemistry with 9th Wonder. Looking forward to this.

  • Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

    Yeah, Jenny and the twins are overblogged, but not for nothing. And if you're tired of the songs leaked from Rabbit Fur Coat, check out the tracks off the BBC session over at rbally. It's a slight departure from the studio sound, and right now, I'm liking these tracks more.

  • Concerts

    Speaking of Jenny Lewis, I'll be catching her at Irving Plaza on 3/18. Should be good. The Saturday night show is sold out, but there will be a second show on Sunday night, quoth Brooklynvegan.

    The week before that, I'll be at Webster Hall to catch Stars, and the Monday after, I'll be at Bowery Ballroom watching Asobi Seksu open for Sereena Maneesh, after I missed their previous show at Mercury Lounge. Thanks to Bob Extrawack for the tip.

    A concert every other week. I can dig.

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