Friday, October 28, 2005

Linkatharsis: Syrupy blogger sex

  • Only in New York are people so threatened by a pleasant, syrupy smell that it's newsworthy. Though I guess that's a step up from reporting nothingness.

  • Recent days have not been kind to bloggers, but Adweek vanity project Adfreak goes diving on the deep end defending a NJ Catholic school's banning of personal pages on the net, ending the piece with the ridiculous line "Schools should have leaders who can make decisions, not ones who act like ACLU lawyers."

    Please. Let's punish the victims, won't we? If bullying and harassment were a problem, there are built-in steps to counter them, including blocking user names and IP addresses. Protecting kids from predators? Why not teach kids common sense, like not posting contact information and shit? If the object is to teach "common civility, courtesy and respect", then why not do just that? Banning personal pages is the online equivalent of saying "Johnny, we want kids to stop making fun of you so please stop wearing those ugly glasses to school."

  • To promote the release of the Sex And The City full series DVD HBO is offering a free tour of SATC-featured NYC landmarks. The tour presumably ends with a drunken, and ultimately unsatisfying anonymous sex with a handsome stranger, followed by a graphic play-by-play recap over brunch.

  • Our friend at 16 Horsepower has a nice little series going called Made/Remade, comparing covers and originals. Last week, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath/The Cardigans and this week, "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve/Ben Harper.

  • Speaking of The Cardigans, more mp3s here, here and here.

  • Let BBC tell you what your brain sex is. I'm an average male, but with some distinctly feminine abilities. Heh.

  • More technicolor hippie Across the Universe shit on Rivington Street on Flickr.

  • Fairly awesome iPod Nano promo in Tokyo. No word on whether the screen cracks on these fake Nanos too.

  • New Orleans Saints owner: we're not quite ready to announce that we will abandon you at your time of need:
    "After reviewing the reports about our team and the abundance of wide-sweeping negative media commentary and columns, I offer this: No decision has been made about the future of the team," the letter said. "We have continued to operate and represent the city and fans of New Orleans. When the time is right and the factors that are yet unresolved are resolved, a decision of the future of the team will be made."
    In short, "We love you so much, we're not going to tell you we'll dump you, yet."

  • That's it. Enjoy the extra hour of drinking and dress slutty for Halloween. Well, dress slutty in general.

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