Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bluth Family, RIP

Tonight, Arrested Development will die the death that has been coming for 2 years with a 2-hour finale.

Allesandra Stanley writes an obit in today's NY Times which isn't completely fawning, refreshingly enough. Still, "coddling" might not be the right way to describe Fox treatment of the show, when the network couldn't settle on a timeslot or figure out how to promote the show.

Also, Larry and Jeff B got their AD posts kicking so I'll defer to them.

Oh well. Assuming the show ends and doesn't go to another network, at least the Complete Series DVD set won't be too expensive. Plus, remember that the gold standard of modern sitcoms, BBC's The Office has just 12 episodes and one special. AD has lasted 3 seasons.

Oh, and I haven't been a very good decentcontenter this week - Heather's taking over Linkatharsis for the weekend. Back to normal next week, I promise think.


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