Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Linkatharsis: So we left Brooklyn and we made big tracks

So if you kept your TV on Fox after Arrested Development last night... wait, you did watch it, right? Right? You didn't? Shame on you.

Fantastic episode as always. Favorite scene? When Tobias points out the blue hand print on the back of Kitty's head. Then Kitty (played by the fantastic Judy Greer) does her usual "Girls With Low Self Esteem" thing and reveals more handprints. If you're not watching Arrested, you're missing the best comedy on television. Go rent the first two seasons and watch every episode before next Monday, I command you.

My only complaint is that they seemed to have done away with the fake "In the next episode of..." gag.

Anyway, if you kept your TV on Fox after Arrested, you would've caught Kitchen Confidential - utterly disappointing, I must say. I actually meant to read the memoir first but never got around to it. I still have to finish "Charlie Wilson's War", "A Long Way Down" and 3 or 4 more books that may or may not include "Kafka On The Shore" before I get to Bourdain. But it looks like I don't have to rush to it since I won't be watching the show any more.

To be fair, Kitchen isn't as bad as War At Home, which replaced Arrested's post-Simpsons slot.. As much as I love Rapaport, the show is painful.

  • Am I going crazy or did both Adrants and Adland post the same exact column by the same guest columnist?

    Yeah, it's nice and thorough but then again, is it that much of a challenge to critique those annoying Capital One commercials? That's like doing a move-by-move dressing down of a 9-year-old Scrabble player. Or personnel moves by Isiah Thomas. Too easy.

    Update: so it turns out the double guest column is a complete copy-and-paste of a post from a month ago. Lame.

  • Download Wolf Parade's "I'll Believe In Anything" from the wonderful folks at Neighborhoodies.

  • I enjoy reading low culture, but sometimes, the comments section ends up being funnier than the actual post.

  • Celebrity-Way calling (via Cityrag)

  • Meet the New Face of Wonderbra.

    Since when does Wonderbra need a face? Isn't the whole point to get dudes to stop looking at your face and start staring at your enhanced boobies? Girls are weird.

  • Mike Doughty learns about the wonderful world of Bob Jones University (via 16 Horsepower).

  • If you're wondering if it's safe to drink the New Orleans floodwater, Wired has the answer.

  • How often do you get Public Enemy, Death Cab and Drive-By Truckers on the same bill? Every 20 years.
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