Friday, April 22, 2005

Michael Rapaport: a great white guy

They may not acknowledge or even remember it, and certainly don't give a crap, but I up and done battle with ToTC a while back. Well, I must take issue with our neighbor across Delancey, this time for calling Michael Rapaport "the most annoying actor in Hollywood and beyond". Squeeze me? Baking powder?

How can one talk ill of the great Rapaport, the white people's ambassador to rest of America? Have we forgotten about his performance in Small Time Crooks? Or The Pallbearer starring David Schwimmer? His cameos as "Detective Rapaport" in Jay-Z's "The City is Mine" and in Talib Kweli's "Waiting For The DJ" videos? Or his other countless contributions to humanity.

Repeat after me - white people have never known a better representative to the world than the great, immortal Michael Rapaport.

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