Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My anger can no longer be contained

Snoop, shut the fuck up. And BBDO Detroit, please go die in a fire. Seriously. Okay, not that seriously.

But seriously seriously, the whole campaign is a trainwreck, or if you like, a carwreck, no, an 18-car pileup. I mentioned these commercials earlier but they deserve their own post, such is their horribleness. These commercials are baaaad on all levels and to such a high degree.

The writing is abysmal. I cringe every time I hear Iacocca says "Yadda yadda yadda" - and they brought back a line that wasn't all that great when it was first conceived - "If you can find a better car...". And the Snoop translation of that line is "If the ride is mo' fly, then you must buy"? You have to be shitting me. The Shizzolator would have come up with something better.

Now, bringing back a guy who saved Chrysler (albeit with taxpayer money) isn't a terrible idea but with no frame of reference, it's almost as if it's telling the viewers, "Hey, Chrysler's in trouble again". I know he's doing it to raise money for his charity but surely Chrysler's money would've been better spent promoting the foundation and not mentioning cars at all.

As for the "talent", Jason Alexander mailed it in and Snoop is, well, I just don't get white people/Madison Ave's fascination with him. Is it because he says "-izzle"? Because that got old in 1996. I liked him better back when murder was the case that they gave him.

And the director needs to be smacked. Hard. Trying to recreate Seinfeld's Steinbrenner scenes by shooting him from behind? Fast zooms and quick cuts are supposed to be edgy? No, a close up on Iacocca's face just creeps me out.

Finally, what's the message, other than "We're having a sale because we want to get those cars out of the dealership before the 2006 models come in" and "They're good cars because I said so"? Plus, GM is already doing an employee discount sale, so where's the novelty? Where is the unique selling point?

Just horrible on all levels.

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