Thursday, June 16, 2005

Somewhere, Dawson and Pacy are crying in each other's arms

"So 15 years from now, if Katie and I aren't together..."

  • Since I'm already like 2 weeks behind on this, let's talk about Coldplay's X&Y. Some people like it more than others.

    Me? I like it okay. I know Chris and the boys have taken a lot of poopoo for wanting to be bigger than god and the "shareholders are evil" thing, but whatever, that's part of campaigning to be the next U2.

    First, my take on Coldplay. They are very, very good at what they do, that is, make Coldplay music. Coldplay music is pretty easy to listen to. It's distinctive enough to stand out from the rest of pop radio but safe enough that you get it instantly.

    They essentially have three songs - In My Yellow Place, Speed of Clocks and Fix Your Scientist (and I don't mean no sarcasm by this). Chris Martin's voice and the driving guitars work very, very well the three songs they play. So Coldplay albums are basically guaranteed to be good, and often, very good. But at the same time, you have to wonder if they're ever going to aim higher than A Rush of Blood to the Head.

  • I'm trying to pick the joke here - a Japanese commercial for men's face blotting paper featuring Jamaican men and chimps was pulled off the air.
    In response to cries of racism, cosmetics maker Mandom Corp. has pulled TV and magazine advertisements featuring a chimpanzee in dreadlocks and Rastafarian clothing imitating movements of black actors.

    In the commercial, several black actors use a cleaning product to wipe sweat from their faces. The chimpanzee, dressed in a costume of gold, red and green, imitates their movements.

    "We thought it would create a good atmosphere to have a chimpanzee among friends having fun in a party," said a company spokesman. "We never intended it to be prejudiced, but we concluded that the ad would be taboo based on an international point of view."
    Heh. You can view the commercial here.

  • Believe it or not, there's a guy in Congress fighting for file sharing. Meanwhile, Congress is trying to kill Elmo and Charlie Rose while viewer contributions are taking a hit as well.

  • Okay, I'm off to NC. See y'all later.

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