Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thursday linkage

  • NPR will broadcast tonight's Bloc Party show in DC (via Largehearted Boy). Even better, NPR will make the mp3 available for download after the show.

  • Ian and Cintra, formerly of E Broadway are now posting about Argentina on Good Airs. It's a fun read. Check it out.

  • I enjoy reading outsider accounts of New York and I post links to ones I find interesting. This time, an article in Cape Argus of Cape Town. The writer really went everywhere, from the Met to Century 21 to our own Tenement Museum. The best was the hip hop bus tour guided by Grandmaster Caz. These travel accounts tend to be Manhattan centric so it's always good to see someone make it out to Brooklyn and the Bronx.

  • NYC is the second dirtiest city in the US, says... someone. Can't say I'm surprised. Being gone for over a week, I had to adjust to the distinctly New York smell this morning, and it's not pleasant at all.

  • Now, this is some stupid ass shit, literally, kinda. Look, I'm a little vulnerable to lactose myself but at the end of the day, it's just diarrhea. No one's dying from it. There's more than a fine line between hazardous and messy.
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