Thursday, June 16, 2005

The jetlag isn't helping

To my 3 or 4 remaining readers, thanks for sticking around. I apologize for the irregular postings. This would be where I promise to get back to a more consistent posting schedule except I'm taking off again tomorrow for a wedding in Charlotte, North Cakalacky. Such is life. I'm really hoping the jetlag wears out enough that I can party adequately this weekend. We shall see. Has anyone ever liveblogged a wedding? If the church has Wifi, I'm totally going to do it.

I'm back in New York if only physically, and oh so tired. Going there, I went direct from JFK to Tokyo but I did a layover in LAX on the way back and I got back shortly before midnight and I ended up traveling close to 24 hours, door to door. Right now, I can sense the wall hitting about a couple of hours from now and I need to squeeze out a proposal before I get out of here.

But enough complaining. My pictures are now up on Flickr. I managed to figure out why Photoshop wouldn't open my pictures but I couldn't be arsed to go back and color correct 96 pictures so they are as they came out of the camera.

My last day in Tokyo, the rain hit hard. The annual June rain season was supposed to start about my third day in Japan but the good weather manage to hold up until I was ready to leave. I spent some time in Harajuku but partly because it was so wet out and partly because it was a weekday, there weren't too many kids out in full costumes - Bluejake got some nice pictures there though.

At LAX, saw the Bachelor guy - is it Jake or Jerry O'Connell? Anyway, the brother of the fat kid from Stand By Me was behind me in the security line. I tried to stay awake during the LA-NY flight and took a big ass cup of coffee onto the flight but alas, I was out cold before the plane took off despite the six screaming kids seated in my section.

Okay, I'm finding myself half dozing off. I think I'm going to go grab more caffeine. Now, there's a vein in my leg that won't stop twitching. Should I be worried?

  • I totally forgot that I had a ticket to last night's Bloc Party show. If
    Brooklynvegan is to be believed, I missed a good one though the previous night's show was reportedly not all that.

  • Which reminds me - I also missed the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. Dammit. I need to schedule my trips better.

  • Oh my. I like this viral for Blaupunkt.

  • Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players gets some The Daily News love.
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