Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Links for Tuesday: 4 days without an East River helipocter crash!

  • Thanks to Maureen for this. Buy a Chipotle burrito today, keep the receipt and get a free one next Monday. I can dig.

  • Which concert to attend Saturday? Feist at Bowery? New Pornographers/Stars at Prospect Park? Or Jaymay at Tonic?

  • You don't say - over half of NYC subway stations are dirty. But to my surprise, my home stop East Broadway did not make the Dirty 5. Instead, four stops in the Borough of Boogie Down and one in East New York were deemed the dirtiest stations.

    I guess the missing ingredient at E Bway is human waste. We have everything else, and heaps of it!

  • Frist flip flops on Bolton nomination. I'm seriously curious about what exactly Bush puts in the Kool Aid to get GOPers to risk their own necks to push his agenda, especially when Bush doesn't really need a senate vote to install Bolton.

    In any case, it's good to see the Dems showing some semblance of backbone on this.

  • MUG on NYC novels published in the past few years.

    Notable titles that come to my mind are The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The 25th Hour, The Fortress of Solitude (though come to think of it, neither "Kavalier & Clay" or "The 25th Hour" are that recent).

    Speaking of "The Fortress of Solitude" - I was reading it last night on my way home and looked across the train to see an old lady reading it as well. I'm surprised that doesn't happen often since I see people reading books I've read before all the time. I see Me Talk Pretty One Day, Running With Scissors and AHWOSG quite a bit, and I've spotted All The Shah's Men a couple of times.

  • I know I'm like a dollar short and a day late on this but damn, Big Shot Bob!.

    As amazed as I was by Horry going ridiculously unconscious, I can't help but be frustrated by Rasheed, my favorite Tar Heel. I can't think of a more frustrating athlete in all of sports.

    Also, good bye, Shav! We hardly knew ye.

  • I heart Djbril Cisse.

  • Even more stuff past their expiration dates: Tom Cruise's money shot, that Debbie Gibson with Rilo Kiley and the political red herringery running in the Bush family.

    Now, I'm not so completely heartless that I don't feel any sympathy for Jerry Maguire, and those Punk'd-style celebrity prank shows do get old after a while. But why is the stunt still a story? Why are they still talking about assault charges? "I really work hard to make people feel good"?? Does Maverick not understand the concept of pranks? Are Scientologists afraid of water? Why do I ask so many rhetorical questions?

    Oh, and help save public broadcasting from the chopping block.
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