Monday, January 24, 2005

Perfect storm of suckasstitude

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If I manage to stay alive until midnight, I will have survived the worst day of the year, at least according to a bunch of British shrinks. Yay me.

However, those British shrinks neglected to tell us that the biggest snowstorm of the winter would descend on the Northeast and totally screw up the subway. And just to fuck things up more, a homeless dude started a fire that totally destroyed the signal switchy thingy on the 8th Av line at Chambers St.

So here's what happened to me... [click here to continue]I was over at Maureen's in Brooklyn all weekend and I headed back to the city late Sunday afternoon. The news ticker said the F-line had "limited service" between Church Ave (Maureen's stop) and Jay St-Borough Hall, so cool, it'll take me some time but I can get home fine. Of course, by "limited service", they meant, "Get your ass upstairs, wait 20 minutes, then catch an SRO bus and stand inside for an hour as it snakes through Brooklyn, until it gets to the Jay St". So I got a nice tour of Park Slope, albeit in the dark through fogged up window. Gotta make the best of a bad situation, I guess.

But I can't complain, as Maureen had it way worse. She had to do the same trip during the morning rush, then again on her way back. As of this typing, F is back to normal but the A and the C could be fucked for 3-to-5 years. The only silver lining from the fire at Chambers St is that the V replaces C in Brooklyn and relieves a lot of the crowding on the F in Manhattan.

And for all the problems they caused and the crappiness of walking through snow, it sure is purdy. Still, whoever is in charge of shoveling the snow on the sidewalk by Seward Park, please note that I am shaking my fist in your general direction.

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