Friday, January 21, 2005

Fox News gets served...

... by a Conde Nasty of all people. Dubya and Ol' Fair & Balanced get schooled by Vanity Fair contributing editor Judy Bachrach for, wait for it, having too fabulous an inauguration: Fox News Reporter gets 0wn3d (the adventures of a boy and his computer) [click here to continue]

Juicy goodness:
[Fox News reporter Brigitte] Quinn: -- well, no, I, but look, the president has addressed this, hasn't he? He said that this is a, I believe a quote, was that we're celebrating, we're celebrating democracy, we're celebrating a peaceful transfer of democracy, what's wrong with doing that?

Bachrach: Um, have you noticed any peace or any transfer of democracy in Iraq? If you have, you're the first person to have seen it...

Wait, there's more:
Bachrach: How about a modest party, just like FDR. I'm sure you'll agree he was a pretty good president, with a fine sense of what's appropriate and what's not. And during a time of war, ten parties are not appropriate. When your own soldiers are sitting ducks, in very, very bad vehicles.

Quinn: Don't you think that the president has given his proper respect to our troops? I mean, yesterday, as far as I can tell --

Bachrach: Respect means keeping them secure.

Quinn: -- the festivities opened with a military gala, they ended with a prayer service, there just seem to have, certainly been a tremendous effort over the past couple of days, and more than that, to honor our troops.

Bachrach: Well, gee, that prayer service should sure keep them safe and warm in their flimsy vehicles in Iraq.

I do believe you got served, Ms. Quinn.

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