Friday, January 21, 2005

How to lose weight in 2005: move to NYC

Why? It's expensive as hell to stay nourished here.
Food Prices in New York in Biggest Leap in 14 Years (NY Times)
Since December 2003, the price for food in grocery stores in the New York metropolitan region rose 5.5 percent compared with 2.5 percent nationally. Total food costs, which includes restaurant meals, rose only 2.7 nationally but went up 4.4 percent in New York...

The rise in the region's food prices is particularly striking compared with Los Angeles, where the increase was 0.5 percent, and Chicago, where the increase was 1.6 percent.
Ouch. The Great Tomato Famine of 2004 didn't help matters much of course, and supermarkets around here have horrible produce selections.

Thank god for Chinatown grocery stores and their oversized produce.

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