Thursday, January 20, 2005

adidas Superstar: Expression series

So adidas is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Superstar, its classic, but not terribly comfortable shell-toed low-top basketball shoes by releasing special editions. They came out with the City Series and the Consortium Series (notable shops in NY, Tokyo, etc) earlier, and they're releasing the Expression series. The models are Andy Warhol, Captain Tsubasa, Lee Quinones, Project Playground, Disney and Upper Playground. [click here to continue]

adidas Originals (follow the 35th Anniversary link on the left, then click on "The Collection" on the bottom right)

The Consortium models are all pretty dope (Tate and Upper Playground especially), but some are perplexing - Roc-a-fella and Bad Boy are both getting their own models in the Music Series. Though I can't get over how fun the Captain Tsubasa edition is:

If you didn't grow up watching Captain Tsubasa, well, you probably didn't grow up in Japan. Whatever, you're missing out if you've never watched it.
Thanks to Iason for the heads up.

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