Saturday, January 15, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 8: Not Asobi Seksu

Previously: Season 2 Episode 7

I can tell you that this is the shortest OC episode recap I've done ever. The episode was a little disappointing, certainly the weakest since The Killers ep. The worst part was, I only watched it because I couldn't get into the Asobi Seksu show at The Bowery (it was sold out, but the Bowery usually has extra tickets at the door. Not Thursday night. I gave up before 8 pm and judging by the post in Central Village, it appears I made the right choice. Our friend at extrawack! did get in though. Bastard!). Oh well, let's hope next week's better. [click here to continue]
  • I actually enjoyed the first half a lot. Started to go downhill towards the end, hit rock bottom when Sandy took the stage.

  • No, don't get me wrong, Peter Gallagher has a nice voice and all, but not for the songs he sang

  • Isn't a character singing on stage some sort of minor shark jumping? TV experts can weigh in here

  • I'm a little bothered by the wussification of Ryan. They joke about it on the show, so the writers are clearly aware. What happened to the weekly sucker punch?

  • That DJ gave the $5,000 check to the rich girl only confirms my suspicion that he is indeed the richest landscaper in all the land. I would've at least split the five grand with Vodka Breath.

  • Really, who doesn't know that Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia?

  • "We can't fight a war on multiple fronts. Have we learned nothing from the Nazis?"
  • Going by the preview for next week's ep, I'm going to bet a glass of Stella that Lindsay will drown to death. I can't imagine how else they would get rid of her, and I don't think she's on for the long haul

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