Monday, January 24, 2005

Great week for Asians in America

This weekend, we learned that Hot 97 thinks Asian folks dying in the Tsunamis is really, really funny and that tip about Chinese immigrants being smuggled in to plant dirty bombs is most likely a hoax. You people really don't like our kind, do you? I suppose it doesn't help when William Hung is still our race's representative to America.

We give you so much yet ask for so little in return. I know you love us, you really do. You're just afraid to show it.

Re: Hot 97, Miss Jones and the We Are the World spoof
Personally, I'm almost as offended by their reference to residents of South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent as "chinamen" and "ch*nk". Dude, get a fucking map. Plus, I hate them for contributing to the bastardization of hip hop. If I could shake both my fists at Hot 97 and type at the same time, I would. But really, what can you do? Dumbfuck is as dumbfuck does.

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