Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Times goes slumming, discovers sub-$100 dinners, Lower East Side and Craigslist

Cheap Digs, Cheap Eats. And Still Under Budget. (NY Times)

So the idea was for two people to spend a weekend in NY on $250 a day (just two-fiddy? Well, that does include hotel). Instead of a hotel, the guy found an apartment in LES -"hip location between Delancey and Houston Streets... a classic tenement building a bit on the ramshackle side"- found on "" (which I thought was a mistake, but that URL redirects to Learn something new everyday) and spent most of the time in less touristy hoods.

PS 122, Lotus Club on Clinton and Dumpling House on Eldridge get mentions - no love for Fried Dumplings on Allen? I have to wonder though, if the point was to squeeze every dollar, shouldn't they have gone to Upright Citizens Brigade instead of dropping $61 at Gotham Comedy Club?

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