Friday, December 03, 2004

More F-train goodness

The F-train, the gift that keeps on giving. Even when you don't ask for anything.
  • Last night, Maureen and I took the ol' Bklyn-bound F to go to her place. Once in Brooklyn, the conductor annonces the train is running express. Fair enough, happens every now and then when the trains are behind schedule (though I'm not happy that my stop, E Bway, gets skipped on those unsceduled express runs).

    In any case, after 4th Ave, the conductor tells us the next stops are 7th Ave and Church Ave. That's nice, except the train slowly pulls into 7th Ave and... slowly pulls out without stopping, before finally stopping at 15th St-Propect Pk. Don't the conductor and the driver talk to each other or something?

  • This morning, my F-train conductor was apparently the second coming of Howard Cossell. Imagine Howard saying "Next stop Delancey Street. Please stand cle-uh of the closing doo-uhs. Down goes Frazi-uh." and you get the idea.

    The guy was all about giving the most detailed information he could possibly give, including connections ("for service on Q, N, W, R and 6 trains, take the downtown J, M or Z train to Canal Street") and describing the V-train sitting across the platform at Second Ave.

    At Brodway-Lafayette, he finishes with:
    "The transfer to the 6 is for the downtown direction only. Reason - unknown."

  • And finally, they're now suspecting foul play as a possible cause of Wednesday's derailment/fire. F is for "fantastic".

  • I don't know, it seems like the F has been taking the crazy pills lately.

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