Friday, December 03, 2004

Music links for the weekend - Blog me at night/They won't act right

  • I meantioned the Grey Video a couple of weeks back, but the site went offline within a couple of days unfortunately. But you can still watch the amazing video via the mirror or torrent posted at Boing Boing.
    Watch it - it's pretty fucking great.

  • Nas Doesn't Heart Kobe (Coolfer)
    "You can't do better than that? / The hotel clerk who adjusts the bathroom mat / You beat the rap, jiggaboo, fake n---a you / you turn around then you sh-- on Shaq."
    Easy for him to go around dissing people when he's getting the milkshake that's better than everyone else's at home.

    I am pretty excited about this album, but I just haven't gotten around to even listening to it. Then again, I still haven't gotten around to the new LPs by Talib, Mos Def or Handsome Boy Modeling School.

  • Also from Coolfer: Blender's Best Of 2004 List
    Okay, some "best of" lists are useful even if only as fuel for discussion, but this one - I don't know, seems like posturing for hipster cred while throwing a few Top 40 bones to not come off nerdy. While some of the stuff is decent (i.e Modest Mouse, TV on the Radio), but really, Janet Jackson? Ashlee Simpson? Dude.

    And how lame to only post the 25-50 on the website.

  • Interpol's Carlos D Soon To Hate The Internet (Gawker)
    So an unhappy boyfriend of a girl who slept with that dude from that band started after he paid the price for his girlfriend's skanky ways when he got the music industry's favorite occupational disease.

    Unfortunately for schadenfreudists everywhere, the poor guy took the blog down after 3 posts, but not before leaving these memorable quotes:
    I am a guy. I am a guy who's girlfriend made a mistake and shagged Carlos. She didn't know she got herpes since they had protected sex she thought it was ok, but alas it was not, she got it anyway. Now I have it too...
    ...I want to marry this girl and have a family...
    Note the present tense, "want".
    ...I am more mad at Carlos D for not telling this to people and turning their lives into a living hell.
    "Hi, my name is Carlos D of Interpol. You're looking very nice tonight. I have herpes, which can be spread even with the use of contraceptives and has no cure. Wanna fuck?"
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