Thursday, December 16, 2004

My guilty pleasure television dilemma

From today's NY Times: Critic's Notebook: Twice the Annoyance, but a Tradition Emerges
The O.C. Fox's hit drama about attractive, affluent people in Orange County, Calif., celebrates Chrismukkah tonight at 8 Eastern time, and this year the show skillfully addresses the various ways people groan at the potentially insidious concept. A result is a disarming holiday plea to lighten up, as well as a case for hybrid vigor. As Seth (Adam Brody), the nimbly acted character who is the making of this episode, puts it: 'It's unruinable. It's got twice the resistance of any normal holiday."
So here we are again, celebrating Chrismukkah as one nation. But on the other hand, we have the season finale of Apprentice 2. Normally, I catch The OC at 8, then switch one channel over to NBC for The Donald. But today, since The Donald is going 2 hours, the two shows clash, and only one winner will emerge.

So what to do? Right now, The OC is winning. Last week, the show rebounded after crapping it up for a month, so I should reward it with my viewership. And as important as the Apprentice finale is, it's not like anything worthwhile is going to happen in the first hour.

In any case, the winner will be decided tonight, at 8 pm ET.

Update - 8:05 ET
Seth Cohen 1 Donald Trump 0

Really, Apprentice is Kelly's to lose. He'd have to screw up really badly to lose, but then, maybe that would make him the perfect guy to head one of Trump's casinos.

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