Monday, December 13, 2004

Rudy makes his Walk to Canossa

So the big news around these parts was the Bernard Kerik nannygate (and more!) (ToTC) but I got my weekly dosage of schadenfreude after Rudy G made his (figurative) barefoot walk in the snow (NY Times) to the White Houser Christmas dinner to apologize for indirectly endorsing Keri's nomination. [click here to continue]

It's clear Rudy and Dubya don't see eye to eye politically, and it has always been a friendship of convenience. It's been painful watching Rudy go on a tonguebathing tour of the Republican America, especially as his politics are more in line with the Democrats nationally.

The Kerik nomination was a transparent attempt by the administration to exploit Giuliani's post-9/11 popularity and it was a chance for Giuliani to strengthen his ties with the White House. So to watch the nomination fall through and Rudy having to apologize for a mistake he didn't make is doubly satisfying.

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