Monday, December 06, 2004

More 1000 Words

(Amateurish amateur photography continues after the jump)This pic is taken from roughly the same location as Berenice Abbott's photo (mentioned last week) from 1936, looking down Pike St from East Broadway down to East River and Manny B. You'll notice that the street's wider and Chinatown's extended its way past the Bowery and to the east side of Allen and Pike Streets.

This is one of my favorite buildings in my hood, on Canal St. It was a movie theater in its past life. The auditorium was contained in the large windowless building on the side street in the picture below. You can see the old entrance on the right edge of the picture.

I know, I've the holiday lights on Orchard couple of weeks ago already, but I wanted to do it a little better. It's still hard, because the lights are a little dim while the street lamps are too bright. In any case:

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