Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dress your iPod in corduroy and denim

I love my iPod and I love how pretty it is. The problem is, with the aluminum back and the white face, it gets dirty pretty quickly. Plus, I'm always worried about dropping it somewhere, and it bangs around a lot in my bag, so my iPod always wears protection.

I keep my iPod in a DLO Action Jacket, which is not at all attractive, but it's very well padded and you can wrap it on your arm when you're jogging or use the belt clip when you want to dork it up. But I'm always on the lookout for more attractive casings.
The obvious answer is Apple's colored socks but there a lot of other non-Apple iPod casings around.

Playlist Mag has a pretty comprehensive list of different enclosures (iPod Gift Week: On the Cases) from hard to soft and cosmetic to utilitarian.
Not nearly as functional, but still snazzy looking and free (albeit with purchase) are the iPod tattoos from MacForce (via The Cult of Mac Blog).
BUT my favorite so far is the collection of iPod cozies from Catherine's Pita (via Gothamist) - me likes Peace Dude 2.0.

Finally, you can dress yourself in iPod-themed gear with this t-shirt (The Cult of Mac Blog).

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