Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Mother nature, you bitch. Also, Augusten Burroughs, the drummer from The Roots, and Mary-Kate Olsen

I'm currently reading Dry by Augusten Burroughs. I loved his previous output, Running With Scissors and Sellevision a lot, so I was going to read this anyway, but I'm really, really enjoying this. Great storyteller, knows how to pace his narrative. Wicked sense of humor. I can't recommend this book strongly enough. Best book about an advertising copywriter trying to get sober you'll read all year.

Ah, another goodie from my favorite NYC celebrity stalking blog, Gawker.
A Very Special Mary-Kate Sighting

Q Magazine has a list of 1010 songs you must have on your iPod. A couple of good songs in there. I like ?uestlove's list, especially the Gil Scott-Heron track. Follow this link if you're too cheap to take the subway to Barnes & Noble.

Cityrag on more about the naughty, naughty NYPD during the RNC.
to punish and intimidate

I really need to watch this movie:
Control Room

Okay, let's get down to business. Finally. Today was a horrible, horrible day. Hurricane Frances wasn't satisfied wrecking havoc on Florida, and decided to screw with New Yorkers' morning commute.
So here's my story. Maureen and I went to our F-train stop, hopping merrily along because she was going to be about at least half an hour early for her class, and I'm like, whatever. As I walk through the turnstile, I hear the token booth lady something that sounds vaguely like "No train".
"No train?"
"No train."

So I decide we should take the 1st Avenue bus uptown, since that seems to come more often than the Ave A/14th St bus. It appears that I judged wrong. There's already a ton of people waiting at the stop, and the bus doesn't arrive for what seemed like 15 hours (more like 10 minutes, I think).

Naturally, the bus is supercrowded when it arrives at our stop. Now, I can get calustrophobic at times and I don't deal well with tightly packed spaces. Thankfully, the bus runs express from Houston St and we get to 14th St relatively quickly. By the time we get to 14th St, she has about 15 minutes to get to her class. Now, I can tell she's peeved, and neither of us communicate well when we're peeved.

We watch 3 14th St buses go, and we go down underground and catch the L-train, which is running, thankfully. Get off at Union Square, push people around, and Maureen gets to class on time. She did report that the class was practically empty though.

Anyway, I take a drink of coffee, I'm feeling like crap. I don't know, maybe I'm getting sick. I hate this. Completely unproductive.

Finally, good luck to Yuta Tabuse, who is trying out with the Suns. He didn't really have a chance last year with the Nuggets, since they already had Andre Miller and Earl Boykins, both multi-year free agent acquisitions. He will be competing against Howard Eisley and Leandrinho Barbosa. It'll be tough, but he has a chance.

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