Saturday, September 04, 2004

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Links, y'all.

- The Smoking Gun: URPL8SUX: Licensed To Offend - Letters of complaint about crude, off-color New York State tags

- Nets hopeful that Mourning can regain old form
Look, I like Zo. And I think it's great that he's trying to come back from a kidney transplant. But forgive me for being a little pessimistic. Look at his recent history.
His last full season was in 01-02, and the last time he averaged 20 points a game was in 99-00. This would be his 3rd attempt at a comeback and at 34, he's not getting any younger. If he can even come close to his old self, great. But let's not get our hopes up, shall we?

- Bikes Against Bush - the revolution may not be televised, but arrests of protesters are. He has a pretty nifty contraption. Too bad he couldn't actually use it for the main event.

- Want to buy chewing gum spat out by Britney Spears on eBay? Me neither. But you could if you wanted to. I love this country.

- adidas Mali - quite good looking

- But I own this. I like this.

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