Friday, September 03, 2004

The long, citywide nightmare is finally over

Finally, RNC is over an peace returns to NYC.

Good lord, the police was everywhere. We were walking up 6th Ave last night around 7 pm and no fewer than 5 police cars, 4 paddy wagons, 3 undercovers and a whole team of scooter cops rolled uptown. Like a Ruff Ryders video, but with more cops and fewer wheelies.

Someone else noticed too:
Gothamist: Facts About Police Presence During RNC

NYC IMC: Pictures from inside Guantanamo on the Hudson
What didn't make the national news was that the efficient and classy NYPD was arresting bystanders and detaining protesters (and otherwise) for 48 hours. God, I'm glad the RNC is over.

To more important matters, wearing miniskirt on the subway (also from the Gothamist).

Photoblogger Bluejake was at the panty flash protest. Perv. But he had some of the best photos of the anti-RNC protests, including the Unemployment Line and A31 which featured the below photo:

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