Sunday, September 05, 2004

So how am I doing?

I'm doing fine, thank you. Last couple of days have been a waste, productivity-wise but it's been pretty good otherwise.

I was supposed to drop off Maureen at Port Authority because she's going home for the weekend to pick up some stuff so she can move into her new place in Brooklyn.

Well, we're eating dinner at Wai Cafe on 6th Ave when she gets a call and a couple of her school friends are getting drunk at the International House. So we go over there so we can have a drink, then go to my apartment so she can pick up some stuff.

Long story short, we got home around midnight and she ended up taking the 2 pm bus out of New York.

On Friday night, I was boasting about how I never got hungover. Sure enough, I had an annoying if not overly massive headache for most of Saturday. I even had a small piece of banana, dammit.

Saturday, I went to Thompkins Square Park so I could do a little work. Wasn't happening. Did get some book reading done though. And there was a nice little playing island music.

Today, I didn't get out of bed until the afternoon. That's one of the benefits, and the perils, of sleeping in a bedroom with no windows. I guess I needed the rest though.

So here I am, sitting in the coffeeshop sipping on tea and updating my journal. A guy passed by - he looked like a lovechild of Sean Connery and Marlon Brando. Well, he had the Marlon Brando face but he had a mustache and was built like Connery. I didn't know if I wanted him to say "Suck on it, Trebek" or just mumble incoherently, and he passed by the window before I could make a decision.

My latest downloads? Celia Cruz's "I Will Survive" and "Guantanamera", Crimson & Clover and the R. Kelly/Canibus remix of "Gone Till November". I'm just in a goofy mood.

I can always depend on my boy Guy to send me quality pics:

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