Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My life without a camera: Day 5

They say, if you love someone, let her go. If it's meant to be, she'll come back.

Which is utter bullshit, of course and you should never let your love go. Ever. But I did send my little digital camera off to repair yesterday. Not that the camera has been functional since last Wednesday, I still feel a sense of emptiness. All I want to do is take a picture of something. Anything.

So this must be the week when everything I own goes to shit. Since it was so fucking pleasant this evening. I decided to go for a bike ride, but not five blocks from my apartment, I hear a clunk and see a suspicious, skinny piece of metal. I look down and the front wheel is missing the quick release skewer. Sure enough, it's on the ground.

I look for the cap but it's nowhere to be found. Damn it. How long has it been like this? Have I been riding this whole time without a cap on the quick release? When did this happen? Was someone trying to steal my bike? So many questions unanswered. Hopefully, I will only have to replace the cap and the spring.

And for the past week, my iBook's making this sound that sounds distinctly like "kill me now". Understandable, since it's four years old and that's like 273 in computer years.

Why is the universe conspiring against me. Oh well. At least there's absolutely nothing going wrong in my personal life. Wait...

Okay, back to Lost. Hmm. They resolved one cliff hanger. Sort of. Let's see what they do with the other one.

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