Thursday, September 01, 2005

Linkatharsis: Turn that frown upside down because The OC's coming back in a week

Since I've been full of downers today, here's a something happy: today's my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday to the greatest mother in the world. Thanks for everything, even if you aren't reading this blog and it's already the day after in Japan.

  • NPR's Fresh Air continues Hip Hop week, today with a De La Soul interview. And be sure to check out the Grandmaster Flash bit from Monday.

    Tomorrow: ?uestlove, Rza and Mos Def

  • The Onion AV Club reviews Seu Jorge's Cru. I should really check this out before I catch him at the Bowery. Thanks to the AV Club for the reminder.

  • Kelefah's all about the not-even-barely legal kids and the unholy marriage between MTV punk and teen pop (via FAB).

  • I noticed that iTunes now has Cody ChesnuTT's 2002 gem Headphone Masterpiece. Okay, mea culpa - I don't actually own the album and have only listened to a handful of tracks so I'm not really qualified to call it a gem. I'm not fond of double albums as they tend to be bloated and would be a whole lot tighter without a few fillers. That's my excuse anyway.

    But now that it's on the nonexistent shelves of iTunes, I have an easy way of checking it out. The stuff I've listened to, I liked - a very stripped down, lo-fi production, almost sounds like it was recorded on one of those little tape recorders I used in middle school French class.

    You might remember ChesnuTT from The Roots' "Seed 2.0". If so, check out the original "Seed" with a less hectic, simpler sound.

    I don't have the file handy with me, but in the meantime, listen to "Look Good In Leather", which was my theme song for a few months in 2002.

  • Scion boots a contest from its rapper search for... being controversial, more or less. Heh.

  • Last week, I scooped Gawker by, like, a month. This time, I'm scooping Sub Pop Records by a whole week (via One Louder).

    Okay, I'm not really scooping anyone. I just subscribe to NPR emails.
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