Friday, August 26, 2005

Linkatharsis: you can't call it "The Champagne of Beers" unless it's from the Champagne region in France

I have the physique of a 13-year-old girl and the joints of a 70-year-old war vet. I wish I was kidding. I can't gain a pound even if I get on the NFL lineman diet (and I was for a while). As for my joints, well, that's what happens after years of abuse from soccer, rugby and male strippering.

The right side of my body is especially brittle and I get most of my sprains and other assorted pains there. During my run Tuesday night, I did a jog/sprint exercise at the track and I apparently twisted my knee or something. Not sure exactly when or how but for the next 12 hours, it felt like a knife stuck to the side of my kneecap. Not fun. Felt better last night but about 10 minutes in, I felt a sharp pain on the same spot. So maybe I should lay off the wheels for a couple of days.

Can't imagine what my joints are going to be like 15 years from now.

  • My man Michael K informs me that Detroit's finest pop band Pas/Cal will play Tonic Saturday night. You might remember their Bronzed Beach Boys as the "ba pa pa ba pa pa" song from a Saturn commercial last year.

    Also playing will be the Francophone La Laque of NYC and the somewhat hard-to-Google The Teeth of Philadelphia.

    More music from Pas/Cal and La Laque.

  • Really digging the new Nike Soccer commercial, especially the part with Li'l Baby Jesus and the song, "Go Tell The World" by Joy Zipper (thanks Jim!).

  • Why bloggers (and Blogger) suck. I mean, the fake Jessica Coen thing, I can see how, maybe, a reasonable reader could have confused it for the real thing (even then, the line separating impersonation and parody is a bit fuzzy). But what reasonable reader wouldn't see that the SK spoof is a parody of someone who is essentially a self parody herself?

    Anyhoo, best of luck to ToTS. The law is certainly on their side.

  • So a veggie burrito at Chipotle has more fat and calories than 2 Big Macs (via cityrag)?

    Well, sure. Fast food burgers tend to be relatively lean and yeah, when you have cheese, sour cream, rice, beans and guac wrapped in flour, you're not on a diet any more.

    "Is it any wonder that McDonald's owns this place?" Well, yes. I have to stick up for Chipotle here.

    I did my own calculatin' at Chipotle Nutrition Facts Calculator and got the count for my favorite Chipotle meal, chicken tacos with cheese, lettuce and tomatillo salsa: 27.5g of fat and 649 calories.

    Still more fat and calories than a big mac but a better meal, I dare say. Why? For one thing, I'm getting way more nutrients than I would from a Big Mac. And more importantly, Chipotle has far better quality control on its ingredients. In fact, part of the deal when McD's bought out Chipotle was that it could maintain its standards on meats and vegetables. That means free range pork, produce from small farmers instead of mega suppliers, organic beans, and ultimately, just better food all around.

  • What's with these utterly mediocre Kanye West mashups? And does anyone else really like "College Dropout" but isn't at all excited for "Late Registration"?
  • Update: Yeppers.

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