Monday, August 29, 2005

Linkatharsis: the bridge is over, the bridge is over

  • A Tale of Two Sisters keeps on making and faking it:
    37. My first pet was a parrot named Princess, who would repeat everything I said in a shrill voice. I loved her, but the rest of my family got tired of hearing her shriek 'Look at me! Look at me!' all the time, so they made me give her away. I'm still not really over it.
    There's more, and better, where that came from.

  • A lesson to the kids out there - stay in school, and if you can't, stay at Ohio State: Broncos to release Mo Clarett

    I'm normally sympathetic to people who take on the big Goliaths like the NFL, but really, he was always a ticking time bomb of schadenfreude. Here's a guy who was considered a troublemaker at Ohio State, which is the college football equivalent of a homeless guy switching his seat on the subway because you smell so bad. And rather than take guaranteed money usually given to 3rd round picks - in the NFL, you always, always take max guaranteed money - he got a bad case of the hubris and took an incentive-laden contract with no bonus. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Speaking of stupid, the music industry is pressuring Apple to drop its 99-cent pricing for singles. Yes, by all means, abandon a model that's worked so well and make the product less appealing.

  • extrawack! reports that spinachdip's favorite New York Japanese dream pop band Asobi Seksu is back, back again, and the next NY date is 9/14 at Crash Mountain Mansion during the CMJ Marathon.

    Speaking of whom, I spotted Yuki from Asobi at the Pas/Cal show at Tonic on Saturday. I think. She's really tiny, much more so than I remembered - if that actually was her.

    How was the concert, you ask? Enjoyable though not terribly impressive either. But they kept it loose and fun. I actually liked La Laque better. Their sound is like the Smiths meet the Arcade Fire (sans shouting and motorcycle helmets) meet Nouvelle Vague if they sang in French. I don't know, I'm terrible with these comparisons.

  • So the big non-hurricane news is the Suge Knight shooting at Kanye's shindig.

    The police have it narrowed down to two suspects, a black man in a pink shirt and Suge Knight, naturally.

    My first instinct to ask if the pink-shirted black man was Cam'ron, but this is SoBe we're talking about here. Isn't every black guy in Miami Beach wearing pink this summer? In any case, the dude violated the first rule in the Dos and Don'ts When You're Beefing with Suge, which is, if you must shoot him, you better be damn sure you kill him. Because whatever you do to him, he's going to give it back to you 10 times worse. Part of me thinks the police isn't coming up with suspects to protect them from Suge.

    As for the accidental discharge theory, well, if there's a shooting at a party, you have to figure Suge's involved somehow.

    Part of me is hoping he goes after Kanye for no other reason than to see Kanye's mouth wired shut again so he can release "Through The Wires '06" and he just might shut up every once in a while.

  • NYPD could make a killing issuing tickets like this at the East Broadway stop on the F.

  • Yahoo's swallowing of Flickr is driving some users to the point of suicide, kinda.

    Also keep up with Hurricane Katrina via Flickr.

  • Quite an eventful weekend personally. Without going into detail, it's been, hmm, different.

    I hate teasing my dear readers like this without filling them in, but I really don't want turn this into a sob story blog yet I need an excuse if posting gets light in the next few days.

    I even missed two fantasy football drafts, and that's enough drama for most weekends.

    In a less earth jarring development, I find Larry from This Is What We Do Now to be as wonderful and charming in person as he is through the computer monitor.
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