Monday, September 12, 2005

Linkatharsis: Me me me me me me

Man, NY Times is finally covering the hipster outrage over the Lower East Side Starbucks.

And the fuckers did not bother to contact me for the story. What the fuck? I broke the story, dammit.

Actually, a Curbed tipster saw it first, but I took credit, and isn't that what's important? I could have charmed The Times. I could have given them insight. Some choice quotes. Feigned outrage, even. But alas, no call or email from the Gray Lady.

That's it, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep. A boy can only take so much heartbreak.

  • Eh, more real estate action on Delancey to add to the flurry of activities around Orchard and Broome.

    Speaking of the neighborhood, I just noticed about a week ago that the sign for Lolita Bras is now gone. This is an unfortunate development. I do not approve of this at all.

  • Five albums coming out tomorrow that I'm intrigued by:

    The trouble is, I'm not that excited by any of them. I like Little Brother a lot and 9th Wonder's production is always going to be on point but their work thus far hasn't been earth shattering. Cameron Crowe soundtracks tend to be listenable but rarely edgy. CocoRosie, Sigur Rós and SFA? Same deal as Little Brother, though I could change my mind about Sigur Rós.

  • Ani DiFranco performing from Knuckle Down on NPR's World Cafe. I know this album came out way back in January, but I haven't been listening to much DiFranco since I haven't liked her recent work. But I'm digging the first song she plays, "Manhole".

  • Via AdLand, for Bush, PR = action.

    You know, my take on Bush has always been that he's a fantastic politician but as a policymaker, he's not even inept, he's nonexistent. He certainly how to rack up big numbers in polls (recent results notwithstanding) and win elections for himself and the party.

    But what is his one defining policy? Homeland Security speaks for itself right now. "War on Terror" and "No Child Left Behind" are empty policies with fancy names. He couldn't get Social Security "Reform" off the ground.

    Bush has no problems when the script writes itself, i.e. post-9/11. And he certainly knows how to frame issues. But beyond helping his friends and their interest, what has he achieved beyond catchphrases and photo-ops?

  • Amy NewYorkology visits my old stomping ground Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. And she's right about getting their by mid-afternoon. It's just way too packed on Friday and Saturday nights when it's nice out.

    I've always found it a great place to drink in the afternoon or just to chill on a weeknight.

  • Models get 3D nippleage on transit ad (I'm pretty sure it's safe for work).
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