Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some housekeeping

  • No real posting until.... oh, who knows. Tonight? Next week? Real life is a bitch in every way right now.

  • I'd like to get a site redesign done in the next 3 months. I've commissioned a friend to design a banner for me but I have a feeling she's not going to have the time right now.

    If you have any ideas (banner or site), I'm all ears. Unfortunately, I can only pay in beers, flattery or sexual favors.

  • To go along with the site redesign, I'm going to clean up my bloated link list.

  • I am also strongly considering moving over to Typepad but haven't been able to rationalize the cost.

  • Any side projects that I may have announced before are on hold indefinitely. Go ahead Isiah Thomas, breathe that sigh of relief.

  • I do have a couple of ideas for team blogs that I have been sitting on for a while. They'll be announced as soon as I figure out a concrete direction and know who I want to work with.
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