Monday, September 12, 2005

Linkatharsis: Too drunk, too drunk to post

I was going to do a long 9/11 post yesterday but I'm thinking, what's the fucking point?

The ongoing Katrina disaster has dwarfed 9/11 on so many levels. While the terrorist attacks of four years ago was shocking, in retrospect, it was an event 50 years in the making and we should not have been surprised at all.

And I'm not sure if there's anything I can say that I haven't already said. the fear, the helplessness that I felt walking from Midtown to Astoria, the anger and sadness I feel as I see this tragedy co-opted for political and commercial gains - none of that has changed over the past 4 years.

I remembered 9/11 the same way I've done for the last 3 times, privately, as far away from the television as possible, wondering if anyone, including myself, understands the real lessons from that day.

  • Followed up the Friday night binge with another heavy night of drinking, but for a good cause. Nouvelle Vague were fantastic at Joe's Pub. Smooth and playful, just as you'd expect a French bossa nova new wave cover band to be. Especially delightful was the audience sing-along to "Too Drunk To Fuck".

    The Modern Age has pics. And brooklynvegan has tons more.

  • For the last couple of hours of Saturday night, I think I was singing the chorus for Bloc Party's "Blue Light" nonstop. I'm generally a happy drunk, but also an annoying drunk, it seems.

  • Found myself physically unable to get out of the house until 5:30 pm on Sunday. Only the Spicy Rizak could energize me enough to get me out to the Bowery Ballroom for Seu Jorge.

    Loved, loved the music, but man, people who talk at concerts need to be punched in the nuts (or the vagina). This was especially annoying at the beginning of Jorge's set, when he played two songs with his acoustic guitar before he brought his band out.

  • I had to duck out a little early though, as I just wasn't going to hold up physically. Would have been great any other night of the week - probably should have picked the Monday night show.

  • Attaching a bunch of music files at the bottom. Couple of Seu Jorge tracks, "Five Years" from the Life Aquatic soundtrack and "Tive Razão" from his latest Cru. Also, the pre-Jon Brion version of Kanye West's "Hey Mama" - I prefer the finished track better but take a listen to the stripped down production first, then listen to the one on the album.

    Another track getting heavy ro' on my iTunes is Nouvelle Vague's "This Is Not A Love Song". And finally, if you like NV, you'll probably like La Laque, who live in NY but sing in French.

  • Turn in the general direction of New Jersey and wish Maureen happy birthday. Then spin yourself around and do the same for Ian Holm (74), Linda Gray (65), Joey Pants (54), Fishbone bassist Norwood Fisher (40), Ben Folds (39), Liam Gallagher (33), Newport Beach's favorite former juvenile delinquent/current nerd Ryan Atwood (27) and future Celebrity Fit contestant Ruben Studdard (27).

  • So this must be the music rag equivalent of the 50 Cent vs Ja Rule or Lohan vs Duff beef - Blender vs Rolling Stone
    In a shot across Rolling Stone's bow, Blender magazine, which is owned by Dennis Publishing and has a circulation of 630,000, is coming out with its own list, 'The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born,' comprising only songs published after 1980. Their No. 1 song is Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean,' followed by 'B.O.B' by OutKast and 'Sweet Child o' Mine' by Guns N' Roses.

    "In the great tradition of rap records, it's an answer to the list Rolling Stone did in every way," said Craig Marks, editor in chief of Blender, who said that the Rolling Stone list was "a baby boomer notion of how our cultural history should be written,' adding 'the best music hasn't just been made by dead guys and by white guys in ponytails."
    Craig Marks is a white guy in his 30s.

  • Hermitude <3s Chinatown buses almost as much as I do.

    AWOL driver, bathroom stench, 2 hours behind sked and an unidentified object under bus? Yep, that's Today's Bus.

  • Did you know Gloria Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper's mother? Why didn't you tell me?

  • Enough with the Seinfeld refs in ads, says Slate's Bryan Curtis.

  • Seu Jorge - Five Years
    Seu Jorge - Tive Razão (I Was Right)
    Kany West - Hey Mama (Demo)
    Nouvelle Vague - This Is Not A Love Song (Live)
    La Laque - Secret

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