Sunday, September 04, 2005

Linkatharsis: Belabored

  • Congrats to USA for advancing to next summer's World Cup and finally finding a sport you can beat Mexico in.

    Our friend Jim at his blog with an impossibly long name was there.

  • Every few months, this East River waterfront development plan pops up in the news:
    But if Amanda Burden, the persuasively enthusiastic commissioner of city planning, is to be believed, this two-mile strip will soon be transformed into a glimmering, romantic esplanade.

    That's great, but here's the thing with East River - as anyone who's run or biked on the path that goes along the waterfront, East River smells like, well, East River. Ain't nothing romantic about that.

  • Boutique hotel/Lower East Side eyesore THOR stops playing around, opens for real at the end of the month
    Currently rooms start at $259 a night, including breakfast, but will bump up to $325 after the grand opening.
    Kids, get in on the bargain while you still can.

  • Would-be copyright infringers beware, CopyGuard will catch you before your piece goes to print. No word on whether certain bloggers will use this to stop themselves from plagiarizing.

  • Kanye West: "Backpacker with a Benz"

    I'm not sure if Kanye West's success means anything for the backpacker crowd, really. Artists who made it between 1989 to 1995, what I like to think of as hip hop's golden age, would have been commercially viable in any era. There just happened to be a happy medium between mainstream audience picking up on hip hop but not to the extent that it did post-"Chronic". Nas, Tribe Called Quest et al. were never that "underground" anyway.
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