Saturday, September 10, 2005

Not Linkatharsis. More like Linkburp.

I would've posted yesterday evening if not for this little problem.

So I ended up meeting up with friends I haven't seen in 1 to 5 years, crashed an industry function open bar in every sense but the literal, and found myself wide awake at 5 am thanks to the vodka tonic-induced dehydration. Good times. Alas, water in my ear is annoying the crap out of me. Not good times.

  • Murph in Vermont caught Clap Your and the National, and reports he "got to witness what happens when a band gets caught in the wake of another band's success". No, it's not just the mass exodus after CYHSY's set. There's more and it ain't pretty.

  • Catching Nouvelle Vague at Joe's Pub (Telecharge) tonight and Seu Jorge at Bowery Ballroom on tomorrow (TicketWeb). If you're going to be at either of the shows, give me a holler and I'll buy you a beer. A cheap beer.

    Both dates are sold out (at least via web outlets) but you can still catch Nouvelle Vague on Tuesday and Seu Jorge on Monday. You really should.

  • While I'm sitting at 88 Orchard, half reading a book and half daydreaming, a dude rolls by on a unicycle. No one bats an eye. I like my neighborhood a lot.

  • Catch y'all next week. Stay safe.

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