Thursday, August 04, 2005

UK cell phone provider attempts to rewrite history. Or not.

Now, film shoots happen every now and then in the neighborhood. While it's flattering that the film and TV producers think Downtown makes for a nice movie set but they tend to be a pain in the ass, LES institution Cityrag and our favorite acronymed organization can attest.

Anyhoo, a new set of "no parking/towing enforced" signs were up on Orchard Street today.

What's that?
Biscuit Films is currently in production on a commercial for Orange Mobile. The commercial stage is set during a blackout in New York City. We are filming in several locations in Both Brooklyn and Manhattan...

Wait, did you say Orange Mobile, like a cell phone provider? Blackout? Like the one we had two summers ago when I couldn't get in touch with anyone because the lines were jammed and the towers weren't working? Right.

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