Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Linkatharsis: I have a blue house with a blue window

It's August 24 and you know what that means? The new season of The OC starts in a day and 2 weeks. And like last year, I will be doing my weekly recaps. You might remember that I wasn't too thrilled about the overall quality of Season 2 but I hold out hope Schwartz & Co have worked themselves out of their sophomore slump.

Oh, and One Louder has a prediction of bands who will be featured in the upcoming season and it's spot on, methinks. We should probably expect a little more cock rock if there are more Julie Cooper storylines, plus some curveballs like Boyz II Men in the Spider-Man episode, and Laura Veirs-ish girl-with-guitar stuff for the 8:55 denouements. And of course, product placements for Bloc Party and Franz? Wouldn't be surprised to see the former at the Bait Shop.

Also, since they've already conquered LA and Miami, I fully expect Seth and gang to invade New York. I'll get the squeegee ready in case they show up Downtown.

  • Hey, did you notice this at the top right corner of the screen?

    Well, Blogger claims "it's not censorship" but we'll just see the next time I opine in explicit detail on the pleasures of making love to a pregnant coma patient whilst simultaneously clubbing a baby seal and plotting government overthrow before declaring my heartfelt love for eating Republican babies with my gay boyfriend.

  • Pete Townsend was right, researchers find that all the best cowboys do have Chinese eyes. Well, kinda. Maybe. Or not. But we Asians do see shit differently because of our slanty eyes, it appears.

  • Heh. The outrage over Starbucks and THOR won't be shit compared to Blue if it goes up. Also, I have that "I'm blue (da ba dee) I'm blue (dabadee)" song stuck in my head.

  • The Apiary kindly reminds us that the deadline for getting in the SNL ticket lottery is coming soon.

  • This one's a bit old, but Mark Cuban explains his decision to let Michael Finely go. He had a similar post when he let Steve Nash sign with Phoenix, but this one is refreshing in his willingness to admit his mistake and that his old approach failed.

    Cuban can get annoying sometimes, especially with his pet causes and NBA officiating but his blog is generally a good read.

  • That's cute, Cincinnati thinks it can win without cheating.

  • That's cute, Newcastle thinks it's a massive club. It's another sad chapter in the story of Michael Owen, who is about the most stand up guy in all of sports. Owen basically has to choose between a regular starting role for the most overrated, dysfunctional club in England, and riding the bench but at least having a chance to play Champions League soccer at Real Madrid.
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