Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where Brooklyn at?

All over the country, apparently. And to think, a not so bright footballer and a Spice Girl started it all.

Last year, 3,211 kids were named for the BK, making it the 101st most popular name in America. Brooklyn came in 8th in Utah (8th!). No word on where all those Brooklyns were conceived.

  • Did you find what you're looking for?

    These are some of the search terms used to reach this page according to Statcounter.

  • Breaking news from NY Times: non-English speaking TAs are hard to understand. Okay, not really breaking - that was from Friday.

    I must admit, I've only heard anecdotes about the indecipherable Math and Chemistry TAs since I finished most of my math and science requirements in high school. See, it helps to be prepared.

  • Crying, while eating creator Daniel Engber on attempting to become an internet phenomenon, even if it means finding his girlfriend on a Japanese fetish site.

  • The Roots, De La Soul and MF Doom at Central Park this evening. Woot.
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