Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not quite back in New York state of mind yet

  • You know how I was saying a couple of days ago that I need to find a way to get fired? Well, I missed the perfect opportunity.

    See, I'd thought about flying down to Chapel Hill for the Final Four weekend, but decided not to, because of stupid reasons like the cost of the flight, having to miss work Monday and Tuesday... but what better way to get fired than to go AWOL while celebrating the Tar Heel's victory?

    I'm so stupid.

  • Nothing says college town like the smell of tear gas and the sight of riot gear. I know Carolina kids went out and partied Uptown, but I hope they were better behaved than MSU kids, who didn't take Saturday's loss to the Heels so well.

  • Happy Birthday, Sean May. Now, please stay. Oh, who am I kidding? Next season's going to be brutal.

  • Some puns are Sofa King bad, they're good.

  • When I was but a wee lad, Shawn Kemp was one of my favorite basketball players - an absolute athlete who could jump over anyone and out of the building. That was, of course, before we found out he fathered like 20 children with 40 different mothers and he became part of a rare breed of cocaine addicts - an overweight one. He's back in the news as he is arrested for possession of coke, weed and firearm. Ah, the trifecta.

  • I thought I should make a passing mention - no more, no less - of the Pope's passing, and I think this Village Voice piece just about covers it.

  • Again, from the Voice, the always dependable James Ridgeway on conservative Republicans against Bush.

  • Verve Remixed 3 drops today. I should be over this jazz-remixed-by-modern-sampler schtick, but these compilation always has mad love for my favorite, Nina Simone, and this time, she's getting the remix treatment from the Postal Service. Gotta check this. Plus, RJD2's remixing Astrud Gilberto's "The Gentle Rain" and another Nina Simone track, "Lilac Wine" is remixed by The Album Leaf. Looks like quality all around.

  • Finally, I'm really digging the current stuff at NIKE iD, especially the Spirit of Brazil collection. I'm seriously thinking about doing up a pair of FC Futebol Corinthians or a tan/brown pair of 180s. God, I'm such a sneaker whore.

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Wednesday, Bloc Party on Thursday. Check.
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