Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Impression: Whole Foods Market @ Union Square

So I finally plunged deep into subterrarean aisles of the Union Square Whole Foods for the first time. I gotta say, it's some heavely-ass shit, but it's also some intimidating-ass shit too. Then again, I probably should have picked a better time to go than Sunday evening.

Anyhoo, the produce selection and the purdiness of the cheeses and the meatses are just phenomenal, no surprise. The three-level thing threw me off a bit but once I figured out that everything I needed was downstairs, I was good to go like General Togo. The produce aisles weren't quite as spacious as the ones at Columbus Circle (no shit) but it did feel a little more cramped than the Chelsea store as well. Crowding, I'm never a fan of and I guess the layout of the place is to blame, but I wish they'd designed the check out area better. I felt like I was back in Key Foods again, minus the flies.

Conclusion? It's going to be one of those "if I'm in the neighborhood" types of deals. The thing is, I don't come to Union Square as often as I used to, and as I mentioned in my grocery store roundup from a couple of weeks back, I don't really need to come out that far for decent produce. The good news for me is that it probably relieves the crowding at the 7th Ave location a bit, which works for me since that's closer to my work. Still, you gotta love a joint where shit like this is possible.

Speaking of the grocery roundup, much thanks to the commenters, particularly leslie for recommending me Fine Fare on Clinton Street. Not bad at all. Who knew there was stuff in that area after Doughnut Plant?

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