Saturday, April 02, 2005

In which I strike quick like limited edition Nike Dunks - links, links, links

  • So it's bad enough that Quiznos brought back Baby Bob or that Baby Bob is played by a girl, Quiznos is planning on bringing us more Baby Bobs:

    "Dude, you totally have this long hair hanging out your nostril."
    "Blaah! You're a long hair coming out of my nostril."

  • It's nice to have the happenings in our little town get picked up by the national media: MSNBC on the demise of CBGB. In related news, Tonic lives.

  • You know, it's hard for me to like Mike Lupica or the rich white guys opposing the West Side Stadium, but the loudmouth has a point here: Story of West Side: They bilked this city

  • Seth Stevenson of Slate on the trend of unseen celebrity voiceovers in commercials. Personally, I like how Billy Crudup emerged from behind the mic for the latest Mastercard "Priceless" spot. Then again, who doesn't love anything Billy Crudup touches? He's so fucking dreamy.

  • You know, the other day, I was wondering how that really angry black guy who was shouting "Y'all ain't got no love for Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre!" and calling out the entire Eastern Seaboard at the Source Awards 10 years ago is now a gentle stoner who hangs out with Paris Hilton on Sidekick commercials. Well, such is the genius of Calvin Broadus.

  • Finally, here's something you probably already knew: New York City Leads Country in Number of Arts Jobs.

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