Friday, April 22, 2005

And like that, they're gone

The worst kept secret in Chapel Hill is now out: Felton, May and Williams enter the NBA Draft

And the dismantling of the National Champions is complete leaving only two players who played significant minutes this season return. Can't be surprised by Williams, who would have gone Top 10 last year, or Felton, who was seen rolling in his brand new Jag. Bit surprised by May because he said he would stay, doesn't ned the money and probably will never have the impact that the other three Tar Heel underclassmen would. But his value isn't going to get higher and with the rest of the team gone, he probably didn't see any reason to stay.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't unhappy. But right now, NC stands for National Champions and that's because we had four potential lottery picks on the team. Like Bill Simmons, I have a bitching moratorium on the Tar Heels. Not that I need one though - the guys gave us a championship and that was their goal. After that, whatever they decide to do with their career, it's up to them. I'm happy for all the guys, even Rashad McCants, and I'm just glad they stuck around long enough to bring the trophy back to Chapel Hill.

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