Friday, April 22, 2005

Handsome Boy Modeling School @ Irving Plaza

Had a hell of a time at the Handsome Boy show at Irving Thursday night.

Opened with Rondo Brothers, a 4-piece synth-rock hip hop band out of California. I liked them quite a bit - they could make for some decent party music. They also backed up HBMS later in the show. Opio followed up with a quick set before making way for Toronto's own K-os. For this kid who grew up listening to Souls of Mischief's "93 'Til Infinity" over and over again, seeing Opio up there was a major trip down memory lane.

I like K-os. I kinda avoided his stuff last year since it was so hyped. Not sure if I like him enough to drop $9.99 at iTunes, but he puts on a good show. Warmed the crowd up nice for HBMS.
(Vibe's review of K-os' set)

Then, it was time for the fantastic duo of Dan the Automator and Price Paul, er, Nathaniel Merriweather and Chest Rockwell to hit the stage. It's always a challenge with a deejay show to keep the show live and crowd involved. So it helps that Handsome Boy Modeling School is a show unto itself, and allows itself for skits and goofy stage banter. Dan and Paul alternated and combined on the ones and twos, while emcees and singers, or Handsome Boy graduates, took the stage one by one, while most of the big names appeared as cartoon figures on the projection screen.

Like Marcel who caught the DC show earlier in the week, I was disappointed that Del wasn't there in person while three of his fellow Hiero crew members Opio, Casual and Domino were there in person. Can't complain though. Also present in cartoon form were De La Soul, Jack Johnson, Barrington Levy and Alex Kapranos of Franz.

What really got the crowd rocking was Dres of Black Sheep. After doing "First and Then", he went into "The Choice Is Yours" - now, that's nostalgia. The show ended about 40 minutes past midnight and I was dead tired, but it was well worth it. My ears are still ringing though. I should stop standing in front of the speakers.



De La Soul w/Rondo Brothers:


Better pictures from Flickr members eatsdirt and rafebaron.

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