Monday, January 10, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 7 - I'll keep this one short, I swear

Previously: Season 2 Episode 6

I know, I'm a little later than usual, but I'm actually doing work at work these days. You will have to forgive me. Anyway welcome back to the OC, bitches. Let's go. [click here to continue]
  • They're dragging out the Ryan-Lindsay it's-not-incest-but-it-sure-feels-like-it thing a little bit, but I suppose it had to be done. Anyway, it should be fun when Kirsten finds out.

  • I like Seth's alter ego, Stealth and his friend John, or was it Jim? I smell a spinoff comic book.
  • But that's not what Summer smells on Cohen. "Your breth smells like Marissa." Good one, Roberts.

  • Speaking of Vodka Breath, I have grown to love the Mischa Barton Acting Showcase. This week was no scream-and-throw-the-pool-chair, but we got to see a double dosage of Marissa as she created a drunk scene at Jimmy's going away party (why do the Cohens throw parties any more? don't they know by now that parties always end up in trouble?) and the lifeguard shack tearfest with Jimmy.
    Two months ago, I would've cringed seeing Marissa dragging DJ into the party. 7 episodes in, I'm salivating as the cars pile up. on the interstate.

  • God, I keep forgetting Jimmy and Julie had another daughter. It looks like they have the same problem too.

  • Will DJ ever develop a personality? The Magic 8-ball says "Highly Doubtful".

  • Oh yeah, Jimmy leaving Newport Beach. I liked Jimmy but I suppose his character's all arced out. Still, it was nice of the writers to list out his Newport Beach exploits in a single soliloquiy.

  • Whoever is in charge of shooting the concert footage at the Bait Shack needs to be shot. With a firearm. Seriously, could the scenes be more amateurish, what with the awkward zooms, angles that went with 80s videos and uninspiring shots of the uninspired audience. I hope Modest Mouse got paid nicely for the cable access treatment.

  • Though it was nice to hear MM's "The World At Large" at the end of the episode. Very nice track. Also good to hear Elliott Smith get some love.

  • Pete mentioned this and I agree - it's great how Caleb calls Sandy "Sandford" (Sanford?). I'm not up on my Hebrew names, but Sandford wasn't listed the last time I checked my Book of Names for Jewish Boys. So either Sandy is hiding his WASP heritage or Caleb loves giving pet names to people who despise him.

  • So a blah episode overall, but I was reminded of a big reason why I like the show - the Cohens. Yes, we all love The OC's cheekiness and overthetopness, but there's something about Sandy and Kirstend, and how they keep their front door open. I think we all would like to know a family like the Cohens, or we do know one, and we wish we could just hang in their kitchen, spreading schmear.

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