Monday, January 10, 2005

Countdown to Keynote

I'm not going to do much techie stuff since I'm not all that knowledgeable and there are sites that do it much much better than I could ever hope, but a few links on the upcoming MacWorld Expo. A low-cost iPod, a "headless" iMac, a Motorola iPhone and an iWork office software suite are set to be released, and Apple has sued rumor site ThinkSecret in the build up to the big keynote speech on Tuesday.

I thought the lawsuit was a smokescreen by Apple, who enjoy the buzz that all the rumormongering builds, but at least one person disagrees: The Rumor Game (Daring Fireball)
The rumor sites don’t build excitement for Macworld Expo, they take advantage of it. The excitement surrounding Macworld Expo in the Jobs 2.0 era is because of Apple’s — and Jobs’s — track record of debuting exciting new products at the show.

MacWorld SF 2005 Rumor Roundup (Mac Rumors)
Instant Expert: Apple/Motorola iTunes Phone (iPodlounge)

Finally, I was watching one of those Access Hollywood-type shows and Lindsay Lohan's younger sister (yes, they made more) mentioned that she filmed a commercial for a "radio iPod thing". I wonder what this could be? I'm sure Steve Jobs isn't happy about the leak though. Snort.

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