Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The iMac loses its head

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So the big news today, as widely predicted, was iPod Shuffle (first impressions at Playlist). But the other big release, Mac mini is not just Apple's first foray into low-priced computers. It's an all-in-one home theater device. [click here to continue]

On the surface, with its $499 starting price and stripped-down package, Mac mini is an entry-level machine for PC users who have been thinking about switching, but afraid to because of the price and the need to commit to a new monitor and keyboard with an iMac. And I'm sure the fact that you can just replace your old PC hard drive with this will be quite appealing. But its size and features give it many possibilities.

Let me show you how.
  • The S-video adapter lets you connect to your TV.

  • Its 40/80 GB hard drive lets you record off your TV, a la TIVO.

  • It doubles as a DVD player/recorder, and you can make it region-free with a hack like Region X.

  • You can also hook it up to your stereo system and play your mp3s, and with a wireless connection, play music saved on your other computers

  • And with Bluetooth, you can control it with a wireless keyboard or remote.
Really, if you think about the cost of buying a DVD player/recorder, DVR and a CD player, the $599 pricetag isn't bad at all.

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