Monday, January 10, 2005

From Russia with love/Georgia on his mind

One of my favorite basketball players from my time at the University of North Carolina was Shammond Williams. He was fun to watch, and by all accounts, a great guy off the court. Since graduating from Carolina, Shammond bounced around the NBA until last year, when he became a member of Georgia's national basketball team.

Shammond then signed with a Russian Superleague side, UNICS in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan and gave an interview that appeared on the UNICS official website. Now, any time an interviewer describes her subject as "dark-haired person with a white-toothed smile and black, hot eyes" and questions include "Thus far did you see any bears on the streets?", you can't not read it. You just can not.
Shammond Williams: Basketball Player - Thinker (

This is a fun read, if only for the English-to-Russian-back-to-English translation.
*** Shammond, how did you begin into basketball?
S.W.: "Somewhere around six I began to throw the ball into the basket. A good backboard was in the park, not far from our house. I liked the game from childhood. Probably the reason I became a basketball player. Although, in my time I tried a lot of other sports."

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