Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Coming in 2005

From MercuryNews.com:
Strangers With Candy (Release date TBD): Amy Sedaris plays an ex-junkie, ex-con who goes back to high school, only to have to deal with the most devious gang of cutthroats she has ever confronted: the cool kids. This is a prequel to a Comedy Central series and it comes with the pedigree of good supporting players -- Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Allison Janney."

From Guardian:
In his fourth novel, Nick Hornby turns away from football and music, and takes on the big questions. What is life all about? Why do we bother? And what happens when we've had enough? On New Year's Eve, four characters meet on the top of a tower block in north London. As the end of the year approaches, all four are intending to plunge themselves towards the ground. Instead they avoid death, become friends, and take turns to narrate the novel. Hornby has said that A Long Way Down (Viking) draws on his own experiences of depression, therapy and the thoughts of suicide that have regularly flickered throughout his life. Perfect summer reading?"

Also excited about the new Ben Folds LP set to drop in February, his first full length studio release since 2001 (though he has put out a live CD and three EPs and produced William Shatner's album). And finally, Ol' Dirty Bastard's first of two posthumous releases this year, Osirus: The Official Mix Tape. Holla and whatnot.

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